Tharangini Sankarnarayanan

Tharangini Sankarnarayanan

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I am a Spring 2023 graduate with a master's in Data Science from NYU CDS. I last worked in the Neuroimaging and Visual Science Laboratory in NYU Langone's Departments of Ophthalmology and Radiology under Kevin C. Chan. I will present our team's work at the IEEE EMBC 2023, and the paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings and PubMed.

As a decision scientist with experience bringing statistical and predictive analytics expertise in mixed reality, healthcare, product management, and public policy, my core interest is using data to drive strategy to solve complex business challenges and problems.

I previously studied Computer Science and Engineering at SASTRA University. During my undergrad, I worked on speaker recognition in whispered speech with Sangeetha Jayaraman and computer vision for object detection with Chandrakala S. My bachelor's thesis at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya was advised by Josep Ramon Morros, Javier Ruiz Hidalgo and Núria Castell Ariño. I also had fantastic summers working as a Research Associate at ZoomRx Strategic Healthcare Consulting and as a Data Science Fellow in the Litmus team at the Litmus team.

As an Executive Board Member of the Graduate Student Community Body, I was a member of the Center for Data Science's student council. As the Director of Events for Women in Data Science at NYU, I brainstormed events and guest lectures and organized casual get-togethers for the student community. Aside from research, I spend most of my time reading, painting, and traveling.